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We help small business overcome challenges, set and achieve business goals.

We are living in a world of fundamental changes across industries and regions.
Therefore start ups are the “engine” of innovation and new developments in this challenging environment.

It doesn’t matter, if your busines idea is approaching a new technology, like Biotech, Digitalization, AI,
New Mobility or just transforms an existing one into a new data driven platform.

We will be at your side to help and support you right from the beginning,
because we know how tough this foundation, to start a new business, will be.

Where we can help you

We are a small but high quality oriented investment company which focus on sustainable life improvements.

Therefore, we understand ourselves as a long term partner, who can join and support you at different stages of your business, from idea transformation up to growing your business at European and Global Levels.

Idea transformation

Starting to evaluate an idea and validate if this idea could develop into a real business is a very hard and difficult task.

Therefore, “sparrings” with neutral partners like us could help to get a different view at the idea and support the decision if there is a real business potential behind or not or even adjustments are recommended to make the idea a successful one.

Starting your business

Transfer a good potential idea into a company set up is not only a though job, but it’s so fundamental in its importance of a future success or failure.
Often this set up phase is the reason why even good ideas and teams are not getting into the success rate they would deserve.

To avoid these “foundation mistakes”, we are here to support and stay at your side in order to find the matching company and team set up for your Startup.

Growing your business

Nothing is more exiting than realizing that an idea becomes a successful business and has a huge potential for further growth. However, even here are lots of obstacles to overcome, in order to avoid that your growth gets uncontrolled.
Especially the team and organizational set up needs permanent adjustments, if you are moving from “a small boat” to “a big ship”.

As we are experienced in small but also very large organizations, we can help you to find the right set up for the right phase of growth, so that you are acting agile and flexible at the same time.

Our Investment Focus

We believe that it’s time to make strong moves towards new but sustainable innovations, which help to make our lives more efficient and enjoyable without “hurting our planet” and even improve the balance between the Earth and Us.


The Urbanization of the last decades has brought megacities with more than 10 million people to its peak growth. The wish for more individual and convenient mobility leads on the other side to more carbonization and other challenges within these urban environments.
We want to support “decarbonization by technology” not only over the question which drive train is the best one but also over the efficiencies of traffic fleets.
Autonomous Driving, Self Learning Intelligent Swarm and Fleet Management, amongst others, are the key to drive or get driven into a future which is using our mobile assets far more efficient and sustainable.
With our long term expertise in those areas, we would like to support your part of the solution to make us all move more balanced through out the future mobility without loosing our individuality…

Digital Transformatiom

During the last years, we could observe how many businesses were either completely substituted or massively adjusted due to the fact that data driven platforms and physically decoupled business models came into play.
Meanwhile, you will find a lot of these “young businesses” amongst the most valuable companies of the world. They partially took over the traditional way of businesses or became their “Master Mind”.
We think that it’s fundamental to transform traditional business streams into digital data driven and intelligent models, not for the transformation itself, but for improving the customer experience and efficiency of your assets.
Therefore, with our extended experience and network in this area, we would like to join you on this “digital journey”.


The way we are creating values and products in the future is somehow disruptive to the traditional production methods. This is because, data analytics, artificial intelligence, combined with an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), will take over the complete steering and controlling of a future factory.
On top of this, more and more production facilities will get “networked” with each other, in order to find the optimal place, time and efficiency cost for manufacture a product. In this scenario, complete new manufacturing platforms, like manufacturing as a service (MaaS) will arise and compete with the traditional ones.
We are experienced in those important transformations and would like to support your ideas, whether they drive those changes or being completely revolutionary.


Materials are not endless on our planet. Therefore, it becomes more and more vital to reduce and recycle materials back into the value creation cycle.
Additionally, new alternative materials which improve their specifications by lowering the “environmental load” are relevant for a sustainable future in manufacturing.
As an example, we successfully replaced already carbon fibers with natural ones achieving the same or even better product characteristics.
But even alternative usage of materials and manufacturing methods, like 3D-printing or nano technologies will support the decarbonization within future production.
If you have your focus on those ideas and alternatives, let us talk and get our heads together to make them real.

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